Jun 052009

Dealing with rapid data growth is one of the most pressing issues facing IT organizations today. Whether it’s at the corporate datacenter, branch office facilities or disaster recovery sites, the Storage Area Networks (SANs) that support the business-critical applications are growing and need to be monitored in a simple manner. For ongoing operations planning, trend analysis and troubleshooting, IT managers require SAN monitoring tools that can provide them centralized access to detailed performance and event data, reporting and intelligent alerts.

For managers of Dell EqualLogic storage, the answer is SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ). SAN HQ uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to collect performance, alarm and health status data from dozens of PS Series Groups that could be spread at multiple locations the world.

The EqualLogic PS Series has automated, real-time load balancing across drives, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers for optimized performance and resource utilization. SAN HQ complements this virtualized architecture by providing IT managers a new level of insight into performance and capacity trends across their EqualLogic storage infrastructure.

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