Sep 122008

New Dell/EqualLogic PS5500E . . . a “game changer”?

Yes, our Self-Service Pricing portal has the new PS5500E and support options loaded.
PS5500E Medium

Well, the new Dell/EqualLogic PS5500E has now been released. Originally code-named the EqualLogic “Sumo”, the 48 drive unit was never released under the former EqualLogic label.

It comes in 2 configurations; 24TB and 48TB depending on whether you pick 500GB or 1TB drives respectively. Compared to the existing cost of 16-drive configurations, the new PS5500 will save you about 33%. In other words, the way the units are priced you get the capacity of three (3) 16-drive units for the price of 2. Of course the trade-off is the reduced controller/cache/network ratio per drive but given EqualLogic’s internal design there should still be plenty of performance.

How do they pack 48 drives in a 4u space?…Vertically.

If you haven’t already seen it check out the 3D animation on EqualLogic’s website .

Is this a game changer?…only time will tell.

One of the biggest complaints over the years about EqualLogic’s archictecture has also been its primary strength; forced scaling of controllers, cache and network connections per group of 16 drives. Most of Dell’s competitors highlighted that you were buying unneeded additional hardware for each bank of drives added. Equallogic always countered (correctly I might add) that forced scaling provided the only solution that actually increases in performance as the size of the group increases.

The PS5500E is a welcome addition to Dell’s storage line for customers that enjoy the ease of use of the PS Series but always wanted just a bit more capacity per box.

Here is the PS5500E Specification Sheet.

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