Jun 122008

My first day on the job! I’m plopped down in front of one of these behemoths and am given the instruction: “Everything you should need is right here. Let me know when you’re done!”

The mission, should I choose to accept it, was simple: Make this almost-100-pound device operational.

Attempt one went as I pretty much expected it, with many “Deer-in-headlights” moments where I caught myself staring at the same page in the book like the answer would magically appear. 2 hours later though, with a few small pointers, I felt the greatest feeling of accomplishment I’d felt in a long time. Recapping, I knew I could cut that time down, hopefully to under 15 minutes.

Attempt two was much better. I even took time to get to know the interface a little better and had it all done in about 20 minutes!

You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Well, when something is as easy as this to set up, not much practice is necessary. Which is more time getting past the basic setup of it, and learning the thing as a whole!

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