Jul 202008

I was talking with a friend that works for one of the Luxury SAN vendors and we were discussing EqualLogic’s success since the Dell acquisition.

Since we have known each other for ten years and are friendly competitors, we sometimes share industry insights and he was telling me that he “heard Dell was going to give away EqualLogic boxes FREE”.

At first I was speechless, then I laughed and thought…he’s right, EqualLogic is “free”.

Let me explain.

Now, of course Dell/EqualLogic sells their disk arrays at a very reasonable price but there is one benefit that you cannot put a price tag on.

It’s called FREEdom.

EqualLogic has a radically different packaging model where all the software features are included with the base system…no charge.

This “all inclusive” pricing gives customers the freedom to implement the features they need, when they need them. While most Luxury SAN vendors make you license each feature (sometimes even for different capacities), EqualLogic simply enables it…free.

No keys. No licenses.

The Frameless OS (Peer System) is free

Volume Management is free

Thin Provisioning is free

Volume Snapshot is free

Volume Cloning is free

Multi-path IO is free

Replication (box to box) is free

Call Home is free

Environment Monitoring is free

MS-Exchange Interface is free

MS-SQL Interface is free

VMWare Interface is free

and finally, every feature added in the future…will be free.

So, is the rumor that EqualLogic is “free” true?

You bet it is, in more ways than one.

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