Unique Dell EqualLogic Peer Storage Architecture

The Dell EqualLogic PS4100 and PS6100 are replacing the PS4000 and PS6000, respectively, as the new EqualLogic flagship offerings. With a new, faster backplane that can handle more drives, the new architectures are a perfect balance of performance and capacity.

For legacy Equallogic customers, the backward compatibility of the 6100 and 4100 series arrays with all previous models continues to disrupt the traditional frame-based vendors.

The PS4100 and PS6100 come with the same enterprise SAN features built directly into the firmware; the only difference is a revved up controller on the PS6100 and a higher number of supported attributes. We thought a side-by-side comparison might help those that are familiar with the PS Series.

PS4100 PS6100

Cache 4GB Per Controller 4GB Per Controller
Backplane Speed 6G SAS 6G SAS
GbE Connections 2 Per Controller 4 Per Controller
Members Per Group 2 16
Volumes 512 1024
Snapshots Per Volume 512 512



Here’s an interesting point. Although you cannot have more than 2 PS4100s in a Group, if you add a single PS6000/PS6100 to the group the limits disappear and there are no restrictions. Site to site replication implies 2 groups.

Dell EqualLogic Capacity and Model Selection

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The complete suite of software is included – Snapshots, Replication (for off-site Disaster Recovery), Volume Management, Multi-path I/O capability (for performance), Cloning and more. There are no licenses or keys needed.

Dell offers a variety of support levels based on the severity of the issue and the support levels.

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