Sep 092010

EqualLogic, with its all-inclusive enterprise-class iSCSI SANs virtualized storage arrays, enables IT administrators with the technology and tools to build out affordable and easily manageable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. With built-in snapshot, replica, clone, and replication features, along with partnerships with industry leading technology partners, EqualLogic simplifies the planning, deployment, and maintenance of an IT infrastructure that ensures that your business is fully protected and always operational.

BC/DR has traditionally been necessary, but too complex and expensive

Disaster recovery beyond backup was not affordable for most organizations when Fibre Channel SANs were the only option. Complex configurations including communication network extension equipment, add-on software, and staff training has been prohibitively expensive. Recent compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and SEC rules) have pressured organizations of all sizes to make more data quickly recoverable for longer periods of time; company files, databases, and e-mail must be restorable for years. And with the proliferation of 24X7 business operations, companies of all sizes are recognizing the requirement to have a complete business continuity and disaster recovery environment to ensure that their IT operations are completely protected against natural and unnatural disasters and outages.

With storage consolidated on EqualLogic PS Series arrays, business continuity and disaster recovery is now affordable, fast, and simple. EqualLogic iSCSI SANs leverage your existing IP based LAN and WAN networking assets and competencies without requiring any add-on software or costly staff training. The PS Series’ Auto-Replication capability, standard in each array, provides point-in-time periodic replication to multiple remote sites. This method, easy to set up and operate, delivers multiple restore points and application-consistent copies that can be restored in minutes.

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