Apr 012011

Going to a Gigabit Ethernet network from a 10/100 Ethernet network (Remember those days…?) was fairly easy. But if you think a migration to 10GigE is going to be just as easy, think again…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for getting more juice to the network, and the Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SANs come in a variety of 10GigE flavors. But before you jump into buying that 10GigE EqualLogic SAN you found on the self-service EqualLogic Pricing website, let’s share a few strategies that may help you maximize your Gigabit Ethernet network right now before taking the plunge into 10GigE.

1) Do you really need the extra bandwidth…?
2) What applications are driving the need to move in this direction…?
3) What kind of 10GigE interfaces are you looking to support…? And do you have the right connectors and cables to support this…? (fiber vs. copper, Cat 6a or better cables, etc.)
4) Have you looked into the cost of 10GigE NIC cards for your servers and other hardware on the network that may need this…?
5) Do you need more than 10 meters distance from the array…? (10GigE SFP limit)
6) Do you have the dough for all of this…?

So, now that you’ve justified the cost for a 10GigE network and have been eyeballing that cool EqualLogic PS6010E, PS6010X, PS6010XV, or PS6510E array from the EqualLogic Pricing website, here’s the cool stuff:

  • Dual 10GbE iSCSI controllers with two (2) SFP+ per controller
  • All the same inherently advanced features you’ve come to love and respect through an EqualLogic SAN
  • Complete redundancy
  • Installation in under one hour

Sure, fibre channel has had 10Gig for years now…but can you install it in under one hour, have all of the advanced features embedded onto the array from day one and still have the same (if not better) performance than fibre channel…? No, I didn’t think so either…

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