Aug 022013

Well, maybe not completely coming together…but Dell customers who have both the EqualLogic iSCSI SAN as well as the Compellent SAN have long desired some kind of interoperability between the two storage arrays.

A recent interview conducted by El Reg with Dell Storage’s VP and General Manager Alan Atkinson reveals a few storage announcements slated for the second half of this year. Among these is the revelation that there will be some interoperability between the Dell EqualLogic SAN and the Dell Compellent SAN, particularly around snapshots and replication. The article states:

“The twin hearts of Dell’s storage platform strategy are EqualLogic and Compellent, historically iSCSI and Fibre Channel access block storage arrays respectively. (PowerVault sits below them in a cheap and deep storage product category.)

The two products are going to come closer together with, we understand, the ability to replicate and snapshot between them; storing EqualLogic snapshots on Compellent for example.

There is no word though on common management for the two, although Pete Korce, Atkinson’s co-GM for storage, said it was coming at the Dell Enterprise Forum in June.”

This is great news for clients who enjoy leveraging iSCSI for certain applications and Fibre Channel for others. Is there potential to completely combine both arrays in the future…? Uncertain at this point, but the future does look brighter for both of these arrays as Dell looks to develop and expand its current storage product line vs. secure it by acquisition. In either case, EqualLogic pricing would reveal just how cost effective these solutions will be.



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