Jan 212010

Some time ago I created a quick powerpoint presentation on how to migrate from an existing standalone server environment with Direct Attach Storage (DAS) to a virtual environment with shared storage. The presentation has now been updated and gives a potential new EqualLogic customer a simple road map for migrating to a new, virtual environment.

Our approach assumes every machine and application that is currently in production is critical, and must remain online as the migration takes place.

This presentation/plan does not talk about features and functions of Dell EqualLogic storage. Those details are best left for specific conversations.

In all, the complete process only includes 4 steps, the fourth of which is optional.

Storage Consolidation Plan – Migrate to VMWare in 4 Steps (PDF)

Storage Consolidation Plan – Migrate to VMWare in 4 Steps (powerpoint)

Feed back is welcome!

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Dec 232009

Dell just announced the availability of their new 10Gb EqualLogic arrays; PS6010E, PS6010X, PS6010XV, PS6510E and PS6510X. Unlike the standard 1Gb 6000 and 6500 series which include four (4) 1Gb ports per controller, the new boxes boast two (2) 10GbE ports on each controller providing tremendous I/O capacity. Having a smaller number of larger pipes means more performance while using fewer switch connections – a win-win.

PS6010E pricing and PS6010X pricing has been loaded in our self-service pricing portal so help yourself!

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Jul 012009

It was only a couple of months ago when the Dell EqualLogic PS6000 replaced the PS5000 as the new EqualLogic flagship. We were excited to see Dell moving upstream with a faster controller and more connection speed, but we felt something was missing. Many potential customers wanted to get on board the EqualLogic train but could not afford it.

Until now.

Dell just announced the release of the PS4000 which fits nicely in the Small-Medium sized business niche. Remaining true to EqualLogic’s tradition of waiting until a product was ready before announcing it, the PS4000 hit the ground running. Quite honestly, we got more than we could have hoped for.

The PS4000 comes with the same enterprise SAN features built directly into the firmware; the only difference is a revved up controller on the PS6000 and a higher number of supported attributes. I thought a side-by-side comparison might help those that are familiar with the PS Series (either the original PS100 et al or the PS5000).

PS4000 PS6000 (PS5000)
equallogic_ps4000e_back equallogic_ps6000e_back
GbE Connections 2 Per Controller 4 Per Controller
Members Per Group 2 12
Volumes 256 1024
Snapshots/Replicas 2,048 10,000
Snapshots Per Volume 128 512
Volumes For Replication 32 192
Replicas Per Volume 128 512
Replication Partners 16 16

Here’s an interesting point. Although you cannot have more than 2 PS4000s in a Group, if you add a single PS6000 to the group the limits disappear and there are no restrictions. Site to site replication implies 2 groups.

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Mar 242009

For all those IT professionals out there fed up with Technology Obsolescence, this post is for you. Having been in enterprise IT as both a provider and consumer, there is nothing more frustrating than being forced to get rid of perfectly good equipment because it is no longer supported or because something better is now available. Nowhere does this play out more often than data storage.

As mentioned in a previous post Frame vs. Frameless, there several well documented issues with traditional storage systems. We should have added Planned Obsolescence to the list of shortcomings of Frame based systems. As new drives technology marches forward the controllers that feed those drives fall further back until they will no longer work.

Now the good news. You don’t have to take it anymore! Stop replacing those disk drives!

EqualLogic is on the verge of releasing it’s newest array dubbed, quite modestly, the PS6000. With few details until the official launch later this month, all we can say for sure is this: The 2009 Model will work right out of the box with the 2002 Model (their first year). The shiny new PS6000 will boot up and melt right into an existing storage pool without even taking your servers down.

The Peer Storage Operating System “glues” the arrays together virtually under a single Group IP address. You no longer have to burn up your spring-time weekends by coming to work to stand-up a new array, create LUNs, migrate data and then stay on call to make sure you didn’t forget something. Older equipment that formerly was decommissioned to the EZ-Shredder can continue to add extra spindles, and speed, to the data set.

Isn’t virtual fun…and earth friendly!

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