Sep 302016

Dell EqualLogic 4200 Series

The PS4210 Series is a new entry-level to the dual-controller EqualLogic-based PS storage line. It uses 10GbitE iSCSI access and includes the first entry-level hybrid flash and disk array in the PS line. Overall the product line offers up to 48TB of capacity in its 2U enclosure with both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive options.



A quick product line summary for the 4200:

PS4210E — up to 12 x 3.5-inch hot plug drives and 48TB (capacity)
PS4210X — 24 x 2.5-inch 10K SAS disk — to 28.8TB (better performance)
PS4210XV — 24 x 10K SAS disks — to 7.2TB (faster performance)
PS4210 XV — 3.5-inch — 12 x 15K 3.5-inch SAS disks — 7.2TB (fewer spindles than XV)
PS4210XS — the hybrid with 7 x 400GB SSD and 17 x 10K 2.5-inch disk — to 13TB (fastest performer).

The PS4210 has twice the cache and twice the number of 10GbitE ports of the PS4110. The hybrid model has a 6x performance improvement over the previous line.

Jun 272013

Dell has introduced the DR4000, its de-duplication appliance based on its Ocarina technology and upgraded the software for its enterprise-class Compellent storage line with 64-bit technology.

Pricing for the DR4000 starts at $11,750 for the 2.7 TB model.

Dell Compellent DR4000 PricingThere’s no way around it – we’re in the midst of a data explosion – an explosion many small businesses are struggling to keep up with, without ever-increasing budgets. By eliminating redundancies, organizations can maximize their storage capacity and see immediate results. However, such technology has previously been out of reach for growing businesses. We’re pleased to announce the wait is over – today we announced the new Dell DR4000 Storage Platform which combines the performance and reliability of disk-based backup with innovative deduplication and compression capabilities from Dell’s Ocarina Networks acquisition. Virtual tape library (VTL) pricing and cost are decreasing.

By keeping data online for weeks or even months before moving it to archive storage, customers can more easily locate and restore important data, creating new efficiencies and reducing the total cost of ownership for their storage infrastructure. These capabilities eliminate multiple copies of the same data and enable customers to keep more data online longer and readily available in the event of a disaster or data loss event.

Here are the DR4000 highlights:

* Eliminate redundant copies of data by decreasing disk capacity requirements up to 15 times.
* Reduce dependence on tape backup
* Reduce bandwidth requirements for data transfer by up to 15 times
* Reduce backup storage costs to as low as $0.25/GB
* Reduce the footprint of backup delivering power and cooling savings in the datacenter

In addition to excellent data reduction capabilities, the DR4000 reduces storage costs over time through an all-inclusive software licensing model that allows customers to leverage all of the DR4000 current and future product capabilities without incurring additional licensing costs.

Data deduplication helps optimize storage and more intelligently manage growing data – with less. As Dell continues to evolve its Fluid Data architecture for storage, customers will be able to apply deduplication technology on data in primary storage, backup storage, cloud storage or data in flight for replication, LAN and WAN transfers. So, what are some real-life examples that create duplicate data in a network? Email blasts that include attachments, saving multiple versions of file or the same file in different place and server/desktop virtualization containing redundant images of the same operating system. These activities are becoming more and more common, increasing the importance of deduplication technology for organizations of all sizes.

Implementing deduplication into your backup strategy is a critical part of moving into a next generation data center. What plans do you have in store for deduplication? Is the DR4000 in your future?

For more DR4000 and DR4100 Pricing, visit www.4storage.org

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Mar 062013

Have you ever wished you could just borrow some equipment for a short-term project? Maybe you’re migrating to a new platform and just need some breathing room while you make the move.

Here are several situations where renting, not buying, may make sense:

Data Center Migration – Rentals keep a data center operational during a move with critical ‘swing’ equipment for your migration.

Software Testing, Proof-of-Concept, or Virtualization Planning – Rentals enable a full load test of new hardware or software, matching production environment.

Facing Peak Capacity Issues or Planning a Short-Term Project – Renting is a cost-effective option for seasonal or short-term business needs.

Creating a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan – In the event of a disaster or unplanned outage, rentals can keep your business running.

Managing Infrastructure During an Asset Acquisition Freeze – Renting is typically an expense on the balance sheet – not a capital outlay. As a result, it might be an easier case to make to your CFO.

There are many sources for refurbished gear; from ebay to the top disposition handling companies. For corporate projects, I would steer clear of “self-service” goods via ebay, etc. Contact 4Storage for options on acquiring industrial strength gear at self-service prices.

Here are a couple of 3-month EqualLogic rental examples:

Model Per Month (Estimated)
S6510E – 48TB $4,875/month
PS6010XV – 9.6TB $3,900/month
PS6510E – 96TB $7,020/month

Keep in mind that inventory is in constant flux so contact us early to get in the queue. We’ll put you on our “watch list” for the gear you need.

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Sep 052012

A number of new developments from the EqualLogic team were announced at Dell Storage Forum Boston. In addition to the EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array, a number of software updates were announced, including:

EqualLogic Array Software v6.0
SAN Headquarters 2.5
Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.5

These updates are available on the EqualLogic Support website at no cost for customers with a valid support contract.

EqualLogic Array Software v6.0

EqualLogic™ Array Software can bring users advanced SAN functionality that automatically virtualizes and optimizes storage resources. Release 6.0 offers features you have come to know and rely on, along with:

Real-time data protection with synchronous replication
Increased efficiency with snapshot borrowing, volume unmapping (also known as re-thinning), and volume undelete
Improved data security, incorporating full-encrypting SED drives and IPSEC

And as always, Array Software 6.0 will run on your legacy EqualLogic systems that are under agreement valid support contract, allowing you to bring these advanced enterprise-class SAN features into your existing environment without additional licensing costs. EqualLogic is multi-generational, so as storage and business requirements grow, your existing SAN resources receive continuous advancements and capabilities.

SAN Headquarters 2.5

SAN Headquarters is a full-featured monitoring and analysis tool for EqualLogic storage arrays that enables you to analyze and optimize storage performance and resource allocation. With SAN Headquarters 2.5, available Fall 2012, there will be support for the new EqualLogic Array Software 6.0 features and automatic diagnostic data collection and transmission to Dell Support—designed to expedite resolution of issues and to lay the groundwork for Dell Integrated Support.

Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.5
EqualLogic Host Integration Tools are designed to simplify management and operation of the EqualLogic SAN through tight integration with Microsoft, VMware and Linux operating platforms and applications.
Host integration tools for Microsoft tightly integrate EqualLogic arrays with your Microsoft operating system and applications to enable consistent data protection, optimized performance, and streamlined management and operation.

Available this fall, HIT/Microsoft 4.5 will include:

Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition (ASM/ME) for Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS)
Single Sign-on for PowerShell
Support for Microsoft platforms and applications, including SQL Server 2012
Support for EqualLogic Array Software v6.0 features including: Volume Unmapping, Volume Undelete, and Snapshot Borrowing

For more information on Host Integration Tools, SAN Headquarters, and EqualLogic Array Software, visit http://www.dellstorage.com/equallogic/software/.

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May 172012

(Author’s Note: This is a bit off-topic for this blog but we thought since it came directly from Michael Dell’s tweet stream we should repost it here. For more information on this program, email Tony G.)

– Promotional offer enables customers to manage their budget with fixed monthly payments and a zero-percent $1 buyout lease on all EqualLogic storage equipment
– The promotion is the first zero-percent financing offer available to Dell channel partners

Dell Financial Services (DFS) is offering zero percent financing on Dell’s award winning EqualLogic storage systems for growing businesses feeling the pressure of data growth. With the offer, small and medium businesses have access direct from Dell and through trusted partners to highly virtualized storage technology that scales with their business, enabling them to manage and store critical data as they grow.

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic promotion helps small and medium businesses manage their growing data storage needs while preserving their capital for sales, marketing and R&D. Dell EqualLogic arrays, regardless of generation, work together to automatically manage data, load balance across all resources and scale as business demands change. A recent analysis by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group found Dell EqualLogic systems have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).Today’s offer includes a zero percent $1 buyout lease on a 36-month term on all EqualLogic storage equipment. Dell Financial Services helps customers manage their budget with fixed monthly payments.

“The number of devices, data movement and usage makes storage a crucial component of accommodating business growth. However, access to capital remains an obstacle for many small and medium businesses looking to scale their IT infrastructures, “said Erik Reichman, vice president and general manager, Dell Financial Services for Small and Medium Business. “With Dell Financial Services, we eliminate a key barrier for customers who can now move forward on long delayed purchases.”

Dell Financial Services understands customers’ technology needs. DFS delivers customized payment solutions to better manage cash flow. In addition, DFS financing experts are seamlessly integrated into Dell’s sales process making financing Dell technology a hassle-free experience.

“Finding capital-efficient technical solutions that speed time to market while providing scale and leverage is the holy grail for entrepreneurs,” said Lauren Flanagan, Executive Chairman, Current Motor. “Thanks to Dell Financial Services we can use our capital for sales, marketing and R&D. We can grow faster this way.”

Zero Percent Promotional Financing from Dell Financial Services a Dell Channel First

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic promotion is the first zero-percent offer for the Dell partner channel, making it easier for Dell small and medium business channel partners who are storage certified to help their customers acquire business-critical storage. Dell is committed to being a long-term partner for the channel community and is using this offering to set the standard for integration of Dell Financial Services with the PartnerDirect community.

“Dell’s storage solutions, based on the Fluid Data Architecture, enable the right data to be available at the right time for efficient and rapid access and analysis,” said Brian Garrett, vice president, ESG Labs. “This offer makes it easier for small and medium businesses to address not only the technology pain point, but also the business pain point of cash flow. Dell is also recognizing how important channel partners are to their SMB customers by making this offer available through them.”

“The Zero-Percent Dell Financial Services EqualLogic offering is a sign of our commitment to making it easy for our partners to work with Dell, enabling them to help growing businesses store their data while providing a flexible way to manage their budget with fixed monthly payments,” added Greg Davis, vice president and general manager Dell Global Commercial Channel.

Pricing and Availability

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic offering is a 36-month zero percent $1 Buyout lease on all EqualLogic storage components[ii] with no minimum purchase amounts necessary and runs through August 3, 2012. The $1 buyout lease gives customers a predictable budget with fixed payments through the end-of-lease term and equipment ownership. In addition, equipment may qualify for a standard depreciation schedule (tax treatment).

For more information, email Tony G.

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Apr 252012

Dell recently announced a lower EqualLogic price across the board for it’s line of mid-tier storage. We’re not sure if it is meant to create a sharper contrast between the new, higher performing Compellent line or is a response to new entrants into the storage market like Coraid, Starboard Storage and Nexgen Storage. Regardless of the reason, we’re glad to see Dell is making their turnkey EqualLogic products more affordable.

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Dec 282011

With the new release of PS Firmware Revision 5.1, Dell introduced more advanced data management options. At the core are 3 load balancing layers that ensure high-performance while balancing capacity value. This post describes the 3 layers and how they can be applied.

EqualLogic Load Balancers in PS Series Pools

When you initialize the first array and create a PS series group, a default pool is automatically established. After adding an array to the group, it is referred to as a member of the group. All members are initially placed into the default pool, and administrators subsequently deploy volumes from this pool. It is within a pool that resources such as network bandwidth, disk capacity, and I/O are balanced automatically. Multiple pools can be created to isolate volumes and separate members. This may be done for a variety of reasons, including technical (e.g. placing specific application data on resources such as SSD) or business reasons (e.g. ensuring that legal department data is isolated from the data from other departments.) With more than one pool administrators can initiate moving volumes or members between the pools seamlessly, with no downtime to the applications. Within a pool, Dell’s EqualLogic PS Series is designed to automate the placement of data to maximize the utilization of the resources that the customer has chosen for their SAN.

There are three load balancers that operate within a pool:

  • The NLB (Network Load Balancer) manages the assignment of individual iSCSI connections to Ethernet ports on the pool members
  • The CLB (Capacity Load Balancer) manages the utilization of the disk capacity in the pool
  • The APLB (Automatic Performance Load Balancer) manages the distribution of high I/O data within the pool.

How the Network Load Balancer (NLB) Works

Continue reading »

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Jun 142011

Dell announces the release of EqualLogic™ PS Series Firmware version V5.0.7.

This firmware version has important fixes implemented to enhance the stability and performance of EqualLogic arrays. Details of the fixes can be found in the release notes and fix list.

For Customers with Pre-Dell EqualLogic Models PS50E – PS2400E, the Dell PS5000E series and for Customers with PS6010 and PS6510 arrays:

Dell strongly recommends that customers upgrade to V5.0.7 at the earliest opportunity.

For Customers running any array not in the ranges listed above:

Dell encourages customers to upgrade to V5.0.7.

Download Instructions:

The firmware and all associated documentation can be obtained at http://support.equallogic.com/ under Downloads -> Firmware.

Once you have logged in and selected Downloads -> PS Series Firmware, select the hyperlink for the version of firmware that you wish to download. Patches appear within the associated firmware page.

Please be sure to download and review the Release Notes and instructions for updating storage array firmware or applying patches as appropriate for your firmware version prior to attempting the firmware upgrade or patch.

For Technical Support with the download or other issues, please contact: Dell EqualLogic Support (800) 945-3355 (Toll-Free in US and Canada) Click Here for International numbers.

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Feb 182011

The cat is out of the bag! The dates for the next big EqualLogic Conference have been announced this evening via an email to previous attendees and others. I highly recommend that everyone marks their calendars and makes room in their budgets to attend this awesome and highly educational event. The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Hilton Disney World resort and conference center on June 5th – 10th, 2011. I am very excited about about both the venue choice and the time frame chosen for the event. It will definitely be a great time of the year to visit Florida, especially for those of us who have had to suffer through a rough winter!

The last conference, which was held in San Diego, CA, was an excellent and highly educational event which included:

* A special presentation from Michael Dell
* An awesome exhibitor floor featuring Juniper, Veeam, Dell Servers, Kace, and others
* Hands on training classes with EqualLogic hardware
* Great presentations from some very intelligent EQL Engineers including: Will Urban, David Glynn, Said A Syed, Laz Vekiarides, Jerry Daugherty, Tony Ansley to name a few.
* Excellent Networking Environment amongst EQL customers
* Great food!!

If all of that isn’t enough to keep us happy, I have “heard” there will be a few new additions to this conference. I can’t mention any specifics, just keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

I hope everyone is able to attend the conference this time around, but if you cannot make it I look forward to providing great coverage from the event to showcase the great experience that Dell/EqualLogic presents. There will also be excellent coverage provided from the Dell TechCenter (@iSCSIKing @SanPenguin ,etc) and of course tons of coverage on Twitter under the #EQLConf hash tag. Also, I look forward to meeting many of my blog readers at the conference, I know many of you were unable to attend the previous conference due to budgets and time constraints, so now is the time to get your travel requests approved!

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Sep 092010

EqualLogic, with its all-inclusive enterprise-class iSCSI SANs virtualized storage arrays, enables IT administrators with the technology and tools to build out affordable and easily manageable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. With built-in snapshot, replica, clone, and replication features, along with partnerships with industry leading technology partners, EqualLogic simplifies the planning, deployment, and maintenance of an IT infrastructure that ensures that your business is fully protected and always operational.

BC/DR has traditionally been necessary, but too complex and expensive

Disaster recovery beyond backup was not affordable for most organizations when Fibre Channel SANs were the only option. Complex configurations including communication network extension equipment, add-on software, and staff training has been prohibitively expensive. Recent compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and SEC rules) have pressured organizations of all sizes to make more data quickly recoverable for longer periods of time; company files, databases, and e-mail must be restorable for years. And with the proliferation of 24X7 business operations, companies of all sizes are recognizing the requirement to have a complete business continuity and disaster recovery environment to ensure that their IT operations are completely protected against natural and unnatural disasters and outages.

With storage consolidated on EqualLogic PS Series arrays, business continuity and disaster recovery is now affordable, fast, and simple. EqualLogic iSCSI SANs leverage your existing IP based LAN and WAN networking assets and competencies without requiring any add-on software or costly staff training. The PS Series’ Auto-Replication capability, standard in each array, provides point-in-time periodic replication to multiple remote sites. This method, easy to set up and operate, delivers multiple restore points and application-consistent copies that can be restored in minutes.

Check out our Online Dell EqualLogic Pricing to see how EqualLogic brings enterprise class data management services to small and medium sized businesses.

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