Nov 152013

While many storage managers and administrators continue to be the primary drivers into storage area networks and finding the best fit for their storage networks, we are starting to see some security network administrators give their “2 cents” when it comes to selecting a storage area network, whether it’s a Dell EqualLogic or a Dell Compellent SAN. “Why?” you might ask…? Aside from sheer boredom, more storage arrays are now shipping with self-encrypting drives, sometimes called SED drives.

How are these different from your standard NL-SAS, SAS, and / or SSD drives I might already finding on EqualLogic pricing or Compellent pricing…? Well, they’re really not…but essentially these self-encrypting drives are being built with a circuit that comes embedded into the disk drive controller chip.

What this essentially does is encrypt and decrypt the data that is put onto the magnetic media without any human intervention. In fact, the SED drives come factory-default on many HDD and SSD drives.

There’s really a lot more detail that goes into the SED drives such as password creation, etc., but we’re not going to bore you with all the finite details here. What’s important to note is that SED drives are relevant in preventing data loss while performance is not impacted. So next time you seek EqualLogic pricing or Compellent pricing on a Dell storage solution, ask if the drives have SED…the price is a bit more, but it could be worth it…

Nov 012013

That’s right, you read that right! Dell EqualLogic is working to maintain its #1 position as the leading iSCSI SAN provider in the industry with its new hybrid-flash iSCSI SAN solutions. And you can bet that more of these flash-based and hybrid-flash solutions will be on the way soon. In the meantime, let’s take a look at two (2) new hybrid-flash arrays by Dell EqualLogic.

EqualLogic PS6500ES
When the EqualLogic PS6500 series of arrays first broke into the iSCSI SAN scene (with its codename “Sumo”), it immediately gained credibility with its drive densities. Each of the PS6500 arrays carries 48 drives, and the PS6500ES is no different…a snapshot will reveal:

  • Raw capacity: 84.4TBs
  • Dual 1GbE controllers with a total of 4 GB battery-backed memory per array
  • Seven (7) 400 GB SSDs + Forty-one (41) 2 TB NL-SAS
  • RAID Support: RAID 6 Accelerated
  • Can be combined with other EqualLogic PS Series arrays in the same SAN group, online; up to 16 total members per group (do the math on that one!!!)

Combine this bad boy with the recently-announced FluidFS v3 of the EqualLogic FS7600, and now you have compression and deduplication! EqualLogic pricing will reveal a very competitively priced EqualLogic FS6500ES that will allow it to go head-to-head against any so-called hybrid-flash solution out there on the market.

EqualLogic PS6510ES
This array is essentially the same as the PS6500ES…except for the fact that it is 10GigE instead of 1GigE. Plus, this array has two (2) 10GigE ports per controller. Other than this, all of the drive amounts, sizes, and features are the same. And once again, EqualLogic pricing will reveal this to be a very competitively priced 10GigE iSCSI SAN for a hybrid-flash array.