Jan 182013

Wish you could have the best of both worlds sometimes? Most do. Dell EqualLogic recognizes the fact that some organizations just might have “those kinds of networks” that contain both low-end data (e.g. file data) but also some high-end applications and databases that must never go down as they push the highest thresholds of IO data known to man. For these types of networks where one would need multi-tiering in a single array, Dell EqualLogic has answered with the PS6500ES and the PS6510ES.

In both 1 Gigabit (PS6500ES) and 10GigE (PS6510ES) flavors, these iSCSI SAN units will contain seven (7) 400GB SSD drives and forty-one (41) 2TB NL-SAS drives, issuing close to 85TBs worth of raw capacity. Dell EqualLogic says, “…these hybrid arrays bring you auto-tiering that keeps your hot data readily accessible on low-latency SSD drives and your colder data on high-capacity, near-line SAS drives (NL-SAS), all within one array. For tiered workloads, the PS6510ES can process up to 360% more IOPS with 75% reduced IO average latency when compared to PS6510-X.”

EqualLogic pricing for these units will be available later today for these units, and each must come with a 3-, 4-, or 5-year ProSupport (Next Business Day, Non-Critical 4-Hour, or Mission Critical) package. So whether you have some very high transactional databases or demanding media applications, data warehousing needs, or even a large virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the Dell EqualLogic PS6500ES and / or PS6510ES arrays can consolidate those multi-tier workloads into one single iSCSI storage array. And as with any other EqualLogic arrays, these units come standard with all of the advanced software and storage features from the start.

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