Sep 272012

Dell has just released its new EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array. Yes, they’ve been talking about it for years…but it’s finally here. Essentially what Dell has done is taken an EqualLogic iSCSI SAN array and made it into a blade array that will fit and work in conjunction with other devices such as the Dell PowerEdge M1000e chassis, PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers, Force10 MXL switches, PowerConnect 10G-KR blade switches, and other EqualLogic PS-M4110 blade arrays.

While many businesses might still have a need or desire for the traditional EqualLogic SAN unit, there may be certain environments where the PS-M4110 Blade Array might have a unique advantage, such as: remote and mobile businesses, growing enterprises low on space, any space-constrained environment, and even some data centers.

No doubt about it, the EqualLogic PS-M4110 is a full enterprise SAN and comes fully redundant. And, yes, it does come with the all-inclusive software and advanced SAN features you’ve come to love and expect to even include SAN HQ. The EqualLogic PS-M4110 comes standard with fourteen (14) 2.5-inch drives and can come in flavors of Near-line SAS, 10K SAS, 15K SAS, and even some hybrid configurations.

EqualLogic pricing on PS-M4110 blade array is now available for quoting and starts at around $25,000. Self-Service EqualLogic pricing on these units will be available soon.

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Sep 072012

So, how would you like to manage your EqualLogic SAN units from one interface? Sure, each EqualLogic SAN has Group Manager that you can easily launch to manage an array…but what if you have two, three, five or more EqualLogic SAN units to manage within one logical group or SAN? And what if these EqualLogic SAN units were all spread across multiple locations, perhaps even internationally?

Enter EqualLogic’s SAN HQ (short for SAN Headquarters).

Leveraging SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), you can collect performance statistics, alerts, and other health data to help you manage your EqualLogic SAN investment. Create and view reports real-time, and if you want a deeper dive into an EqualLogic array simply use the Simple Sign On to launch the EqualLogic Group Manager interface…it’s that easy.

Cost? Separate EqualLogic pricing for all this?

Nope. It’s already included with your EqualLogic SAN purchase. As long as you have a valid Dell ProSupport agreement in place you can download SAN HQ (and any software updates) straight from the EqualLogic support site. See our blog post from Sept. 5th on details for SAN HQ 2.5.

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Sep 052012

A number of new developments from the EqualLogic team were announced at Dell Storage Forum Boston. In addition to the EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array, a number of software updates were announced, including:

EqualLogic Array Software v6.0
SAN Headquarters 2.5
Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.5

These updates are available on the EqualLogic Support website at no cost for customers with a valid support contract.

EqualLogic Array Software v6.0

EqualLogic™ Array Software can bring users advanced SAN functionality that automatically virtualizes and optimizes storage resources. Release 6.0 offers features you have come to know and rely on, along with:

Real-time data protection with synchronous replication
Increased efficiency with snapshot borrowing, volume unmapping (also known as re-thinning), and volume undelete
Improved data security, incorporating full-encrypting SED drives and IPSEC

And as always, Array Software 6.0 will run on your legacy EqualLogic systems that are under agreement valid support contract, allowing you to bring these advanced enterprise-class SAN features into your existing environment without additional licensing costs. EqualLogic is multi-generational, so as storage and business requirements grow, your existing SAN resources receive continuous advancements and capabilities.

SAN Headquarters 2.5

SAN Headquarters is a full-featured monitoring and analysis tool for EqualLogic storage arrays that enables you to analyze and optimize storage performance and resource allocation. With SAN Headquarters 2.5, available Fall 2012, there will be support for the new EqualLogic Array Software 6.0 features and automatic diagnostic data collection and transmission to Dell Support—designed to expedite resolution of issues and to lay the groundwork for Dell Integrated Support.

Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.5
EqualLogic Host Integration Tools are designed to simplify management and operation of the EqualLogic SAN through tight integration with Microsoft, VMware and Linux operating platforms and applications.
Host integration tools for Microsoft tightly integrate EqualLogic arrays with your Microsoft operating system and applications to enable consistent data protection, optimized performance, and streamlined management and operation.

Available this fall, HIT/Microsoft 4.5 will include:

Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition (ASM/ME) for Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS)
Single Sign-on for PowerShell
Support for Microsoft platforms and applications, including SQL Server 2012
Support for EqualLogic Array Software v6.0 features including: Volume Unmapping, Volume Undelete, and Snapshot Borrowing

For more information on Host Integration Tools, SAN Headquarters, and EqualLogic Array Software, visit

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