May 302012

You may have noticed that Dell’s new EqualLogic SAN product line no longer contains the traditional SATA drives most often reflected in the past “E” series like the formerly active PS4000E, PS5000E, and PS6000E series. The newer generation of EqualLogic – such as the PS4100E, PS4110E, PS6100E, PS6110E, PS6510E and other EqualLogic “E” product lines – now contains the Nearline SAS drives, more commonly termed NL SAS.

So, why the move away from SATA to NL SAS?

In general, NL SAS drives are built to address more of the enterprise-level storage environments and applications. NL SAS tends to have a higher MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rate, averaging about 1.2 million hours MTBF, and it tends to be just as cost effective from a cost per Gigabyte perspective as a traditional SATA drive would be.

While the NL SAS drives tend to come in flavors of 5.4K and 7.2K RPM drives, they are known to “(combine) the head, media, and rotational speed of traditional enterprise class SATA drives with the fully capable SAS interface typical of 10K/15K RPM SAS drives.” Essentially you’re getting the best of both worlds (SATA and SAS). Plus, compared to SATA drives, the interface is about 30% faster as well.

Faster drives…better cost…more uptime and reliability…? Sounds like a recipe for EqualLogic iSCSI SAN success if you ask me. EqualLogic pricing is available on all EqualLogic SAN models, including those with NL SAS for both Gigabit and 10GigE arrays.

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May 172012

(Author’s Note: This is a bit off-topic for this blog but we thought since it came directly from Michael Dell’s tweet stream we should repost it here. For more information on this program, email Tony G.)

– Promotional offer enables customers to manage their budget with fixed monthly payments and a zero-percent $1 buyout lease on all EqualLogic storage equipment
– The promotion is the first zero-percent financing offer available to Dell channel partners

Dell Financial Services (DFS) is offering zero percent financing on Dell’s award winning EqualLogic storage systems for growing businesses feeling the pressure of data growth. With the offer, small and medium businesses have access direct from Dell and through trusted partners to highly virtualized storage technology that scales with their business, enabling them to manage and store critical data as they grow.

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic promotion helps small and medium businesses manage their growing data storage needs while preserving their capital for sales, marketing and R&D. Dell EqualLogic arrays, regardless of generation, work together to automatically manage data, load balance across all resources and scale as business demands change. A recent analysis by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group found Dell EqualLogic systems have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).Today’s offer includes a zero percent $1 buyout lease on a 36-month term on all EqualLogic storage equipment. Dell Financial Services helps customers manage their budget with fixed monthly payments.

“The number of devices, data movement and usage makes storage a crucial component of accommodating business growth. However, access to capital remains an obstacle for many small and medium businesses looking to scale their IT infrastructures, “said Erik Reichman, vice president and general manager, Dell Financial Services for Small and Medium Business. “With Dell Financial Services, we eliminate a key barrier for customers who can now move forward on long delayed purchases.”

Dell Financial Services understands customers’ technology needs. DFS delivers customized payment solutions to better manage cash flow. In addition, DFS financing experts are seamlessly integrated into Dell’s sales process making financing Dell technology a hassle-free experience.

“Finding capital-efficient technical solutions that speed time to market while providing scale and leverage is the holy grail for entrepreneurs,” said Lauren Flanagan, Executive Chairman, Current Motor. “Thanks to Dell Financial Services we can use our capital for sales, marketing and R&D. We can grow faster this way.”

Zero Percent Promotional Financing from Dell Financial Services a Dell Channel First

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic promotion is the first zero-percent offer for the Dell partner channel, making it easier for Dell small and medium business channel partners who are storage certified to help their customers acquire business-critical storage. Dell is committed to being a long-term partner for the channel community and is using this offering to set the standard for integration of Dell Financial Services with the PartnerDirect community.

“Dell’s storage solutions, based on the Fluid Data Architecture, enable the right data to be available at the right time for efficient and rapid access and analysis,” said Brian Garrett, vice president, ESG Labs. “This offer makes it easier for small and medium businesses to address not only the technology pain point, but also the business pain point of cash flow. Dell is also recognizing how important channel partners are to their SMB customers by making this offer available through them.”

“The Zero-Percent Dell Financial Services EqualLogic offering is a sign of our commitment to making it easy for our partners to work with Dell, enabling them to help growing businesses store their data while providing a flexible way to manage their budget with fixed monthly payments,” added Greg Davis, vice president and general manager Dell Global Commercial Channel.

Pricing and Availability

The Zero-Percent EqualLogic offering is a 36-month zero percent $1 Buyout lease on all EqualLogic storage components[ii] with no minimum purchase amounts necessary and runs through August 3, 2012. The $1 buyout lease gives customers a predictable budget with fixed payments through the end-of-lease term and equipment ownership. In addition, equipment may qualify for a standard depreciation schedule (tax treatment).

For more information, email Tony G.

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