Aug 262010

Ever wonder what all the suffixes on the Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays mean? For existing customers that have been working with them forever (we’ve been providing EqualLogic solutions for over 5 years now) the migration from the original “E” model made sense. The latest “XVS” spawned this blog post…this is getting a bit confusing!

Here are the prefix summaries for those that are just getting familiar with the units:

“E” – SATA drives running at 7200 RPM
“X” – 10,000 RPM Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) drives (various capacities exist)
“XV” – 15,000 RPM Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) drives (various capacities exist)
“S” – Solid-State Drives
“XVS” – SAS and Solid-State hybrid boxes

While most customers choose “E” arrays for more static, less critical data, don’t underestimate their performance. The striping and caching intelligence that is built into the units means you will get outstanding performance regardless of drive type.

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