Jul 252008

The first thing administrators notice when they setup their EqualLogic box for the first time is the high level of automation that is built in. The box literally initializes itself and quickly recommends that “I’m ready, now go use the GUI to set up your volumes”. Taking the machine’s recommendation, most administrators fire up a browser, enter the GroupIP and presto – start creating volumes using the Group Manager.

EqualLogic GUI

Over time, however, administrators will dig deeper into the features of the box and will inevitably begin asking “how can I do X in my environment”?  Knowing that most GUIs are merely a front-end for calling system commands, administrators quickly discover the Command Line Interface (CLI).

2 Ways to Access the CLI

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Jul 202008

I was talking with a friend that works for one of the Luxury SAN vendors and we were discussing EqualLogic’s success since the Dell acquisition.

Since we have known each other for ten years and are friendly competitors, we sometimes share industry insights and he was telling me that he “heard Dell was going to give away EqualLogic boxes FREE”.

At first I was speechless, then I laughed and thought…he’s right, EqualLogic is “free”.

Let me explain.

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Jul 102008

Choosing the Correct EqualLogic Array

EqualLogic PS5000 ImageAll the new Dell/Equallogic units include 8 or 16 drives, dual power supplies and dual fans. Single controller units have three (3) GbE connections and Dual controller (active/passive) models have six (6) GbE connections. The complete suite of software is included – Snapshots, Replication (for off-site Disaster Recovery), Volume Management, Multi-path I/O capability (for performance), Cloning and more. There are no licenses or keys needed.

The following table shows estimated usable capacity based on one of three RAID types: 10, 50 and 5. Continue reading »

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Jul 072008

We need guest bloggers!

Are you an EqualLogic end-user or technical person? If so, we would like to have you join the conversation and contribute periodically to 4EqualLogic.

If you are interested, please email me and we’ll get you set up.

Thanks in advance for making 4EqualLogic a destination for EqualLogic end-users.

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Jul 072008

Have you heard of the Frame vs. Frame-less SAN debate? In the 10 years that I’ve been designing and implementing Storage Area Networks (SANs), I never considered an alternative to the traditional frame architecture, until I discovered EqualLogic – a frame-less SAN architecture. First, some legacy SAN background.


Frame based SANs

Most of us are familiar with frame based SANs that are assembled much like lego sets starting with an empty “frame” (the physical manifestation may be a rack). These are the well known products from companies like EMC, Hitachi (HDS), Network Appliance (NetApp) et al. To build out a “frame based” SAN we first need to assemble the components as follows:

  • Head unit (1 or 2) 
  • 1 or 2 storage processors (SPs)
  • Cache
  • Network connections
  • OS software
  • Add-on software
  • Disks – varying capacities and performance characteristics

Frame Issue 1 – Over Provisioning
Since Frame-based SANs contain individual components that scale independently (you can add more cache, Continue reading »

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