Jun 252008

Dell/Equallogic continues its assault on the legacy storage market with the latest release of Gartner Group’s Q1C2008 stats for Open Systems Storage. We will find out the exact metrics for this report (Is it number of customers?) and update.

Equallogic supposedly has now surpassed all vendors and is in the #1 spot.

According to Gartner, the market share list is as follows:

Dell/Equallogic: 20.4%
HP: 18.5%
EMC: 15.6%
IBM: 7.6%
Fujitsu: 5.8%
NetApp 3.9%
Hitachi: 3.2%
SUN: 0.8%
Other: 24%

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Jun 222008

Have you ever tried to decipher a SAN pricing proposal from one of the “big” guys? There are more part numbers than I would expect when building the space shuttle. It is not enough to have the basic hardware broken down into dozens of pieces but then you have to select a dizzying array of software licensing options for both the array and any hosts using array features.

Here’s a sample SKU list from a major NAS/SAN vendor for a simple storage array:

FAS3050HA-IB-BASE-1 GF-RAS53050HA,IB,1B CF,OS,R5         2
X70015A-ESH2-R5-C   DS14MK2 SHLF, ACPS,14x144GB,15K,HDD  5
X6524-R6-C          CBL, 2M, Optical, Pair, LC/C,-C,R6   2
X6530-R6-C          CBL,0.5M,PATCH,FC SFPTO SFP-C,R6     6
X1941A-R6-C         CBL,5M,CLUSTER4X,CU-C,R6             2
X871A-R6-C          20A Storace Equipment Cabinet,-C,R6  1
X875A-R6-C 20A      PWR CORD (4),CABINET, NEMA-S,R6      1
X800-42U-R6-C       Cabinet Component Power Cable, R6    14
X5517-R6-C          Storage cabinet, Rail Set,42U,-C,R6  1
X6529-R6-C          SFP, Optical, Pair, LC/LC, -6, R6    4
X8773-R6-C          Multiple Product Tie-Down Bracket,-  2
DOC-3XXX-C          Documents, 3XXX,-C                   1
Software (Base Unit)
SW-T4C-CIFS-C CIFS   CIFS Software, T4C-C                2
SW-T4C-ISCSI-C iSCSI iSCSI Software, T4C-C               2
SW-T4C-NFS-C NFS    NFS Software, T4C-C                  2
SW-T4C-SRESTORE-C   SnapRestore Software,T4C,-C          2
SW-T4C-SME-C        SnapManager Software, Exchange, T4C  2
SW-T4C-SMSVS-C      SnapMirro-SnapVault Software Bndl,   2
Software (Host Side)
SW-SDR-WIN          SnapDrive, Windows                   10
SW-SSP-SDR-WINDOW   SW Subs SnapDrive for Windows 3.0    10
SW-SMBR-1000PK      Single Mbox Recovery, 1000pk         1
SW-SSPVN-SMBR-1000PKendor SW Sub SMBR, 1000pk            1
SW-SDR-SOL-TIER1    SnapDrive, Solaris, Tier 1           10
SW-SSP-SDR-SOL-TIER1SW Subs, SDR Solaris Support, Tier   10
SW-SDU-CPU          SW, SnapDrive UNIX, CPU              5
SW-SMO-CPU          SW, SnapManager Oracle, CPU          5
SW-SSP-SMO-CPU      SW, SUB, SnapManager Oracle          5
Services and Support
CS-S-INST           Initial Installation-DS14            1
CS-A                SupportEdge Standard-FAS270 Mths: 3  2

Wow. All we wanted was a simple array to store some data. Instead, we got a dissertation on what the sales Continue reading »

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Jun 122008

My first day on the job! I’m plopped down in front of one of these behemoths and am given the instruction: “Everything you should need is right here. Let me know when you’re done!”

The mission, should I choose to accept it, was simple: Make this almost-100-pound device operational.

Attempt one went as I pretty much expected it, with many “Deer-in-headlights” moments where I caught myself staring at the same page in the book like the answer would magically appear. 2 hours later though, with a few small pointers, I felt the greatest feeling of accomplishment I’d felt in a long time. Recapping, I knew I could cut that time down, hopefully to under 15 minutes.

Attempt two was much better. I even took time to get to know the interface a little better and had it all done in about 20 minutes!

You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Well, when something is as easy as this to set up, not much practice is necessary. Which is more time getting past the basic setup of it, and learning the thing as a whole!

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Jun 102008

Dell is quickly assimilating EqualLogic and that means change. Most users already know that the model numbers have changed from the the Legacy PS50, PS100, etc. to a standard PS5000E-X-XV with a capacity differentiator.

What is not commonly known is that many customers with legacy equipment may not be able to upgrade those boxes (add a second controller to a single controller box for example) because of scarce replacement parts.

Here’s why:

Dell knows that to maintain EqualLogic’s strong history of customer satisfaction, it must be able to supply field replacement parts for years to come. The fact that EqualLogic boxes defy the traditional storage mantra of “planned obsolescence” within 3 years, the Peer Storage operating system means that new boxes are easily integrated with older gear; easily extending the life, and value, of the equipment. This means boxes may have a useful life beyond 4, or even 5 years.

Dell doesn’t want to get into a situation where Legacy customers can’t get replacement parts well into the future…and that is a good thing. What is needed is an aggressive trade-in program to help legacy customers migrate to the newer platforms.

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